Throughout my 35 years as a licensed psychotherapist—providing one-on-one mentoring to clients, leading workshops and speaking before large audiences—I’ve had the privilege of facilitating intuitive transformational work with thousands of people as they’ve successfully traversed powerful turning points in their lives.

My work is for those with a sincere desire to strengthen their connection with the depth and flow of their Authentic Self—which, when touched into, allows  greater vision and courage to emerge and take leadership over their life. This deeper Self is a multi-dimensional storehouse of creativity and wisdom.

Clients are referred to me when traversing what I call a sacred passage in their life. This is a fertile yet often turbulent time in which they are being asked to consciously explore new levels of awareness and paradigms for more authentic living. These times of foundational change are often precipitated by powerfully shifting life circumstances, such as:

  • entrepreneurs desiring to better serve their clients, achieve professional goals and experience genuine personal fulfillment—from a place of greater authenticity
  • individuals facing increasing dissatisfaction with their current career expression
  • individuals encountering painful discoveries about their unconscious, limiting life patterns
  • couples yearning to overcome painful challenges in their committed relationships

Clients who come my way often have an intuitive knowing that what’s required during times of major change is the strategic leverage of an experienced mentor to assist them in breaking through to new depths of healing, creativity and sustained success in their lives.

Here are a few of the benefits clients often receive over time through our collaborative work together:

  • a stronger connection with their natural knowing, an internal guidance system anchored in love & truth
  • a greater awareness of—and freedom from—longstanding dysfunctional patterns of behavior and the suffering that accompanies them
  • an increased passion and accelerated forward movement in the manifestation of personal & professional goals
  • a clearer recognition and mastery of central life lessons
  • deeper levels of heartfelt compassion for Self & others

It can make all the difference having an evolutionary ally when navigating the turbulent “rapids” of life-altering change—it can enable you to more deeply access your inner stability, wisdom, courage and resilience. Because I know the territory so intimately, I can skillfully assist you in arriving at the “far shore”—a genuinely fulfilling life more anchored in the strength and joy of your Authentic Self.

If you find yourself called to step into greater leadership in this next season of your life’s journey, I invite you to contact me so we can have a conversation about the possibility of working together.

Take great care, Gavin

(805) 320-1224